Company Profile

We are a developer and consulting company in the fields of ICT and solutions integration.
We view information and communication technologies as a tool to reach your goals.

Our Philosophy

Our innovative solutions are driven by your requirements instead of the features of individual technologies. The solutions are optimized to maximize the return on your investment. Everything we do is based on our company motto Aliter (Latin for “doing things differently”). Thanks to this approach we have been able to define and defend our place among the well-known IT and technological companies.

Our Experience

Our products and solutions are used by international organizations as well as global technology companies and suppliers in the fields of security and defence.

Aliter Technologies is an acknowledged expert in the area of ICT and software development, known for its sophisticated and unique solutions tailored to the needs of its clients. The company operates within three production divisions. The ICT Systems Division specializes in integration of secure and highly available ICT infrastructure including cloud based data centres, communication systems and cybersecurity. The Software Development Division develops the company’s software product portfolio in the areas of cloud automation, service orchestration, operations of contact centres, and provides our clients with innovative customized solutions. The Special Systems Division works on design, development and integration of products and solutions intended for armed forces, rescue and law enforcement agencies operating in tactical environment.


The company is a holder of the quality management certificates ISO 9001, SOŠ AQAP 2110 [Slovak Defense Standards], the environmental management certificate ISO 14001 and the occupational health protection system certificate OHSAS 18001. Our information security system is certified to comply with the ISO/IEC 27001 standard and our IT services management system complies with the ISO/IEC 20000-1 standard.

ISO 9001 | ISO 14001 | OHSAS 18001

ISO/IEC 20000

ISO/IEC 27001


NATO Secret

EU Secret

National Secret

A high standard of internal processes is not just a prerequisite for delivering excellent services and products, but also one of the criteria for receiving international quality and safety assurance certificates.

Aliter Technologies is a registered producer and supplier for NATO and has signed a blanket BOA agreement (Basic Ordering Agreement) with the NATO Communication and Information Agency as the first ICT company in Slovakia. Our products are certified and comply with the requirements of the USA: MIL-STD military standards.

We are the proud owner of a valid NBÚ [National Security Authority] certificate of industrial security  [Facility Security Clearance Certificate] for access to, acquaintance with and forwarding and creation of national Secret, including NATO and EU Secret, classified information. The company holds a MH SR [Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic] permit for trade in military industry products.

  • Facility Security Clearance Certificate
  • NATO Facility Security Clearance Certificate
  • EU Facility Security Clearance Certificate
  • Certificate of NATO Commercial and Government Entity Code NCAGE
  • Products Certificates of US Defense Test Method Standard MIL-STD-810g
  • Management System Certificate of IT Service Management System Standard ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011
  • Certificate of Information security management systems
  • Certificate of Quality management systems
  • Certificate of NATO Quality assurance requirements for design, development and production
  • Certificate of Occupational health and safety management systems
  • Certificate of Environmental management systems

Technology Partners


We regard social responsibility as a commitment to society. We take into account the needs of the internal as well as the external environment and connect them with the goals and values of our society.
We are engaged in areas such as sport, education, social affairs and the environment.


We are a long-term general partner of the unique STEFANIK TRAIL cross-country event, a relay and ultra-runner mountain run.

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AS Trenčín

The former Slovak football champion AS Trenčín fought this season to advance to the prestigious UEFA Europa League.

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Legionar Steeler

Aliter Technologies has decided to support an up and coming young team from the Little League Soccer, Legionar Steeler.

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Aliter Incubator

We offer paid internships for high school and university graduates to help them enter their professional lives.

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IT education for seniors

We support community centers and senior education where we educate seniors in computing and smart devices.

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Support for book publications

As a company we are dedicated to supporting book publications.

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We are committed to supporting the non-profit organization Plamienok, which seeks to help the terminally ill children and their families.

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Sheltered Workshops

We have addressed two sheltered workshops with a proposal for cooperation on our Christmas market project.

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Christmas markets

Aliter Technologies was the first commercial company to participate in Christmas markets in Bratislava.

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Aliter’s Drop of Blood

Our employees regularly donate blood to those who need it.

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Supporting the third sector

We support sheltered workshops to help people with disabilities to work and we help children from socially disadvantaged families with selected foundations.

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Effects on the Environment

The activities of Aliter Technologies have no negative impact on the environment.

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Tech Accord



We are looking for the best people on the market. If you are creative, flexible, easy to learn and willing to go an extra mile, please contact us although no position is advertised. Recently, there are no open positions besides those advertised at our Slovak webpage.

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