22. 12. 2023


We are committed to supporting the non-profit organization Plamienok, which seeks to help the terminally ill children and their families.

Many years we support Plamienok, which helps terminally ill children, inter alia, through voluntary employee contributions and in the past for many years we have been selling products from the sheltered workshops on the Christmas markets in Bratislava and providing Plamienok with the raised money.

In addition, we are the general partner of the running race STEFANIK TRAIL, through the fundraising from the contribution of participants, spectators and volunteers helps the children’s mobile hospice of the non-profit organization Plamienok.

From 2020, we continued to support through a financial collection, in the form of a moneybox located on our premises, as well as through an online collection, in which the general public could participate through voluntary contributions.