9. 12. 2021

Aliter Technologies donated EUR 100,000 to the military hospital in Ružomberok for reconstruction after the fire

Aliter Technologies has repeatedly proven that it can lend a helping hand when and where they need it most. Company provided a financial donation of € 100,000 to the Central Military Hospital SNP Ružomberok - FN. The hospital is progressing with repairs after a fire that broke out in October in the attic of the surgical pavilion and destroyed the roof.

The SNP – FN Central Military Hospital in Ružomberok is making progress after repairs after a fire that broke out in the attic of the surgical pavilion in October and destroyed the roof. A temporary roofing of the building is currently underway. “We have managed to stabilize the situation, while patients have fully secured health care. We are also making progress with the repairs thanks to selfless help from our Slovak and foreign partners.”, Said the hospital director doc. MUDr. Robert Rusnák, Ph.D.

The aid was also offered by Aliter Technologies, which donated one hundred thousand euros to the hospital. “Not only this misfortune, but the pandemic itself is putting enormous pressure and is a challenging test for our healthcare system. The doctors, nurses and other staff are doing an admirable job, I am convinced that they all deserve one big thank you. We have to be cohesive in this situation, so we decided to help, the funds are intended to rehabilitate the consequences of the fire,” added Ervin Haramia, Chairman of the Board of Aliter Technologies.

The Central Military Hospital in Ružomberok, although a military medical facility, serves the public and provides medical care to all citizens who need it. It was damaged on Sunday, October 17, 2021 in the morning, when a fire broke out in the attic of the surgical pavilion. The probable cause was an electrical short.