22. 12. 2021

Helping Plamienok in 2021

The fundraise for Plamienok was held this year before Christmas as tradition.

The year 2021 has been complicated for the whole society due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That is also why we are glad that we, as a company, managed to help the non-profit organisation Plamienok even in this difficult time. As it was not possible to hold a fundraise at the stand due to the cancellation of the Christmas markets, we continued the support through a fundraise in the form of a moneybox located in our premises, as well as through the online fundraise, in which the public could participate with voluntary contributions.

The non-profit organization Plamienok helps and provides terminally ill children with home palliative care and care.

Thanks to all of you, we managed this year to collect 544 EUR for Plamienok.

We thank you!