1. 2. 2022

We support e-sports

Aliter Technologies becomes the main partner of the Slovak University Championships in electronic sports.

UNI MSR (Slovak University Championship in Electronic Sports) is the largest professional e-sports league for college students in Slovakia. The teams competed in the respective rounds throughout the winter semester, until eventually the semi-finals and finals were held in January 28-30, 2022 when Slovak university students were competing for the title of the champion.

What about the finals?

“In the match for third place, Comenius Esports and Esport UPJŠ battled  each other in a dramatic shootout. In the first round, the Comenius team maintained a safe lead the whole time, until they completely rolled over Esport UPJŠ with a final score of 16:8. From the beginning of the second round, UPJŠ reared up a bit, but Comenius Esport managed to break their opponents once again and win the bronze medals with the score 16:10

Only the best of the best made it to the finals: these were Esport TUKE and UCM TEDI Bears Indigo. In the first round, both teams kept catching up with their rivals until the tireless TEDI Bears prevailed and won 16:11. In the second round, the TUKE team established a comfortable four-point lead. Despite the headstart, the guys from UCM managed to shoot thorugh to the victory with the score 16:14 thus becoming the UNI MSR champions in CS:GO.” summarizes the Y-ZONE portal.

In addition, throughout the gaming weekend, the spectators had the opportunity to participate in competitions to win attractive prizes. One of them was a trivia quiz about CS:GO. The quiz winners received prizes from Aliter Technologies – a special gaming keyboard and gaming mice.

During the break between matches, our colleague and cyber security expert Daniel Suchý also visited the studio giving the audience a few handy tips and tricks on how to stay safe in the online world (and the world of e-sports too, of course).

You can watch the video from the finals here:

What happens next?

UCM TEDI Bears Indigo, the winners, and the new Slovak champions, will fight the Aliter Technologies team in a laser tag match. The Aliter team will comprise cybersec specialists as well as former professional soldiers.