ICT for Special Units

The solution provides military and police units with high-speed radio MANET communications. To provide complex tactical command, control, communications and surveillance capabilities, various types of cameras, ground sensors, unmanned vehicles, and command and control applications can also be part of the solution.

The solution can be divided into the following subsystems:

  • Tactical Operations Center built on COMTANET® deployable ICT modules
  • Tactical high-speed radio networks consisting of personal, vehicular and deployable MANET radios
  • Command and control application
  • Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance means consisting of rifle cameras, personal cameras, static cameras, UAVs, ground sensors, small reconnaissance ground audio and video robots, etc.

The solution is available in deployable or mobile designs including military vehicles or can be integrated into legacy vehicles of the customer. The solution is based on the technology of B2R the high-speed data radio.

Download the product information datasheet in pdf: B2R Second Generation
The solution provides high-speed radio MANET communication.