Migration to Public Cloud

Our goal is to optimize the operation of information technologies with high safety and reliability for the customer. Public Cloud offers flexibility and the ability to increase virtual server performance as according to requirements.

Advantages of our solution:

  • Reduction of costs (HW, SW, licenses and maintenance)
  • Only billed for the actually used space
  • Scalability of services, high flexibility
  • High availability of qualified support
  • Automatic back up and application updates
  • Increased security and access to stored data
  • Access to data using a computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, and so on.
  • Platform independence

PaaS Cloud Services

  • It provides the software platform needed to create and manage applications
  • Automatic product management
  • High flexibility

IaaS Cloud Services

  • Provides virtualized infrastructure for servers, data repositories, and network infrastructure
  • Full system and application management
  • High scalability