Tactical Micro-Robot Systems

Tactical Micro-Robot Systems provides a capability of tactical ground video and audio reconnaissance to military units, police, special operations forces, and rescue and fire teams. The use of the solution allows protecting the personnel, minimizing collateral damage, and gaining immediate situational awareness within dangerous and hostile environment.

Main products of the solution are Throwbot® 2 robot, OCU II Operator Control Unit, Recon Scout® Searchstick, CMS 2.0 Command Monitoring Station and other accessories.

ReconRobotics® is the world leader in tactical micro-robot and personal sensors systems. Worldwide, nearly 6,000 ReconRobotics® robots have been deployed to the U.S. military and international friendly forces, federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, bomb squads and fire/rescue teams.

Detailed information about the solution can be requested at special@aliter.com.