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ICT Solutions

Do you need a HIGH-AVAILABLE, SECURE, OPEN and SCALABLE ICT solution or are your operations too much for your organization, staff or budget? You can count on us in the following areas: consulting, development, integration, support, datacenter operation, cloud technologies, virtualization, LAN/MAN/WAN networks,
contact centers and collaboration tools.


We offer a complete portfolio of services covering design, implementation and support both for fix and mobile communication systems.

We integrate COTS and specialized technology for data, voice and video transmission for LAN, WAN and MAN network projects. While designing and integrating the systems we pay special attention to reliability, availability, security, modularity, scalability, low operational costs, QoS and interoperability.


Cloud Computing

Secure and safe provisioning of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) or Software as a Service (SaaS) based on instant requirements.

Cloud computing

Increased focus is placed on cloud computing and orchestration, virtualization, availability and datacenter security. While designing we take into account physical distribution and placement, technical blue print, security, and highly available technological, IT and communication infrastructure.

These data centers that are managed and monitored via central operation centers with 7x24x365 support create flexible ICT infrastructure for safe information systems operations.

Contact Centers

We build multi-tenant call centers for the most difficult conditions, including supporting tools for effective and efficient operations. Our solution fully covers the needs associated with contact centers, customer service and automated marketing campaigns.

  • Dial plan builder, design and implementation of IVR trees
  • Call script builder
  • Inbound and outbound campaign management
  • Predictive dialing
  • Automatic callback and call satisfaction
  • Online analytics and service level monitoring
  • Reporting tools
  • Work Force management
  • Quality control and recording management
  • Extended integration API
Contact centres

Information Security & BCRP

Protect your assets: information, administrative, personnel, building security and continuity of business planning.

Information security & BCRP

We provide complex security audits and risk analysis, security policies, security plans, and projects according to your internal policies, international standards and national legislation rules. If your data and information systems are critical for your operation and business continuity, we recommend Business Continuity and Resiliency Planning (BCRP) and testing. Do not wait for tomorrow, it could be too late.

SW Development

Our experts are highly qualified for software solutions development. We focus on web solutions and enterprise systems. We deploy the latest approach, methods and tools for analysis, design and development.

Even while developing the most complex interfaces we apply the latest UI and UX trends.

Archive, DWH & BI

We will help you use your data in a more efficient way and provide you with online strategic decision-making environment. Our know-how regarding big data, business intelligence and reporting is at your disposal.

  • Master data management
  • Enterprise content management
  • Architecture enterprise systems
  • Long-term archive systems in petabytes dimensions
  • Logical and physical models design
  • Data analysis and quality evaluation
  • Executive Information System (EIS)
  • OLAP and predictive analytics
  • Analytic dashboards design and implementation
Archive, DWH & BI

Mobile Solutions

Adapt your business to the mobile era, get closer to your customer. The biggest challenge for us is to make the robust systems available for personal smart technologies, to provide correct data and immediate response, as well as to ensure stylish and high quality user experience.

Mobile solutions
  • iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, HTML5
  • Only responsive web applications
  • Increasing productivity and mobility of your employees
  • Innovation by each touch
  • Publish Your content automatically also for mobile equipments
  • Enable comfortable work in corporate application outside
  • New data always on your hand and for the customer

System Integration

Let your systems communicate using the up-to-date technology. We implement integration platforms, develop our own API, REST, web service interfaces, we implement technologies for electronic communication protection.

  • Design and implementation of integration platforms on SOA architecture principles
  • Design and development of integration interfaces
  • BPEL processes modeling and implementation
  • Integration of the most widely used platforms as JBoss, Fuse, Oracle SOA Suite, MULE ESB
  • Communication standardization among integrated systems
  • Message queueing systems implementation
  • Consultation services in the area of integration systems
System integration

Special Systems

Special Systems division provides analyses, studies, design, R&D, production, implementation, integration and support of special communication and information systems, intended for support of military and non-military crises management operations or support of internal processes and management of classified information, documents and files in their entire lifecycle. Our solutions are designed for armed forces, special forces, homeland security, police, emergency rescue teams, civil protection, crisis management staff and other components and organisations involved
in the tasks of state defence, security, rescue and protection of citizens.


Command, Control, Communications and Computers (C4) for deployable and highly mobile expeditionary armed forces and special operation units, based on requirements of Network Enabled Capabilities (NEC) concept and open standards with the possibility for integration of legacy technologies.


Our C4 solutions are characterized by their high tactical mobility, operational and strategic deployability, modularity, unification, durability, security and independence from the existing infrastructure. The solutions are assigned for operations in severe geographic, climate and weather conditions.

Products and solutions meet the international standards and comply with NATO and EU requirements.

Our product portfolio is based on the COMTAG® and COMTANET® product lines as a result of our own R&D.


Crisis Management and Homeland Security

Special ICT solutions supporting crisis management staffs, municipalities, the police, civil protection, rescue teams and other entities involved in the performance of the tasks for rescue and protection of the population at natural disasters, industrial accidents and other emergencies that threaten the lives and property of the population.

We deliver, both simple and complex customized ICT solutions providing integration of various communication and information systems of the operational elements executing tasks for protection of citizens.

Our own product portfolio for this area is based on the COMTANET® product line as the result of our own R&D.


Crisis management

Border Protection

Our experience in implementation of systems for protection of the state border is applied in the design, implementation and operation of the systems using the proper selection of available security technologies with the goal to achieve the maximum reliability of protection. The result of technologies and processes integration is provision of integrated procedural and technical physical protection, minimizing demands on human resources, operational and investment costs, providing accurate information about breaches of the border with minimum false alerts.

Border protection

We specialize in systems of physical and information protection of the state border and objects of special importance, consisting of integration:

  • Power and communication infrastructure
  • Detection and warning system
  • System for management, collection and archiving information
  • Processes and management control of physical protection and reaction to alerts
  • Information security

Integrated Rescue System

Our experts have experience in planning, designing and implementing nation-wide solutions for public safety and rescue. The solution consists of multiple geographically separated data centers and command and control centers working in synchronized, full mesh operation along with high availability and back up of all data including continuous DR operation.

Main aspects of the solution:

  • Call Management – phone integration and private mobile radio integration
  • Case Management with incident location
  • Case Load Balancing between operators in one center and between operation centers
  • Resources Management, Command & Control Management
  • Robust Redundancy and High Availability
  • Disaster Resistant Concept
  • Integrated GIS and online vehicle location information
  • Use Case Consulting and Know-How Transfer

Documents for download:

Integrated rescue system

R & D

One of the specifics of our company is own development of ICT equipment and solutions, such as ruggedized device corresponding standard MIL-STD, but also to customers’ tailor-made solutions according to their specific requirements. Other examples of the development of our own ICT solutions are complex infrastructure to support ecologic mobility, as well as ICT solutions to support safe and happy life of seniors and their loved ones.


COMTAG® is a tactical mobile communication system, providing voice and data services for crews of combat and support vehicles. The system provides a dynamic, unmanned routing of command and control system application data, selecting the communication channel with the highest available transfer rate in communication environment created by radio stations, WiFi Mesh devices, Ethernet cables, satellite terminals, etc. The system enables the creation of Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANET) in VHF narrow band radio networks including the integration to VoIP networks, receiving and distribution of GPS data, encryption and recording of data communication.

Video IDET 2015 Video IDEB 2014


COMTANET® is a rapid deployable ICT system which portfolio of services allows reaching the same level of comfort and featuring set used with stationary and fixed systems. The system provides converged voice, data and video services at deployed, provisional field command post locations as an alternative to previously corrupted or destroyed ICT infrastructure. The system is fully autonomous, secure, deployable and transportable with possibility of use for different types of crises response scenarios. It can be integrated with any radio, link and satellite technology and thus create the complex communication environment.

Video IDET 2015 Video IDEB 2014


A single central system to support seniors.

Open modern information and communication technologies (ICT) for seniors providing them the environment which enables transparent integration to other parties´ services.

We try to create a favorable ecosystem thanks to which the seniors can feel much safer, can better communicate with relatives and rely on receiving the help when needed.



Integration and development for innovative project GreenWay in ecological mobility area.


A key part of the service is a comprehensive information infrastructure that provides communication and data links between all parts of the service, i.e. central dispatching, charge stations and all electric vehicles.

Specially developed and tested system consists of four main areas and communication interfaces that are integrated with each other, collect data and provide management information and operator services to the end user - the customer service GreenWay.

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