Cyber Security

Cyber Security

In today’s age of independence on ICT and the massive expansion of cyber threats and malware such as Ransomware and DDoS, the security of IT infrastructure and data is one of the top goals of each organization. Anticipated system vulnerabilities can be easily exploited and penetrated through with a few clicks using publicly available tools. These tools are available not only to a group of specialists, but to the general public as well. The term “cyber-security” incorporates and combines the technologies, processes and practices necessary to secure networks, servers, applications, and data against various types of attacks and unauthorized access to them.

When it comes to cyber security we offer comprehensive services for the detection, analysis, design, integration and operation of tailor-made security solutions in the following areas:

Intelligent monitoring of application environment

Gain an overview about the health of your business, monitor every critical moment in your systems. A combination between an applications fo data analysis, machine learning and monitoring into one environment, with an advanced visualization of each process from elementary software to complicated hybrid cloud infrastrucutre, brings an opportunity for automatic anomaly detection and reveals every performance drop in your IT.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Provides convenient and highly manageable access to your systems in the organization. User security and authentication is one of the highest priorities in today’s world of cloud solutions, remote access, and massive usage of mobile devices. Multi-factor authentication provides secure access into the internal network, protection of each user’s data, central data control, and contributes to the reduction of the company’s costs.

VMware Infrastructure Analysis

Automate the analysis of the VMware environment. Runecast Analyzer provides solutions for detected issues. Detecting misconfigurations and security vulnerabilities is extremely time-consuming, but a necessary task. Automation of configuration and security audit contributes to the elimination of the threads in real-time, it reduces the time necessary for the analysis, offers solutions and constantly keeps the systems on the qualitative level “audit-ready”.

Network Security

  • Design and integration of solutions for network security
  • Network infrastructure security
  • Implementation of technologies such as IPS, Proxy, WAF, etc.
  • Protection at the application level

Monitoring and Integration with SIEM

  • Continuous monitoring of security incidents
  • Their mutual correlation from multiple systems
  • Integration of information technologies with SIEM
  • Evaluation and categorization of individual events

Network Communication Analysis

  • Behavioral analysis in real time
  • Quick detection of suspicious communications
  • Forensic analysis of attacks
  • Reporting on a regular basis

Intelligent monitoring of privileged access

  • Monitoring activities of IT systems administrators
  • Auditing of user activities
  • Detection of predefined suspicious activities
  • Automatic execution of security measures

Vulnerability tracking in IT infrastructure

  • Preventive monitoring of level of systems security
  • Periodic scanning and vulnerability auditing
  • Systematic reporting from relevant data
  • Proposal for corrective measures

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Cyber Security