Cyber Security

Cyber Security

In today’s age of independence on ICT and the massive expansion of cyber threats and malware such as Ransomware and DDoS, the security of IT infrastructure and data is one of the top goals of each organization. Anticipated system vulnerabilities can be easily exploited and penetrated through with a few clicks using publicly available tools. These tools are available not only to a group of specialists, but to the general public as well. The term “cyber-security” incorporates and combines the technologies, processes and practices necessary to secure networks, servers, applications, and data against various types of attacks and unauthorized access to them.

When it comes to cyber security we offer comprehensive services for the detection, analysis, design, integration and operation of tailor-made security solutions in the following areas:

Network Security

The first step towards data, system and connection security is securing the transmission infrastructure. We specialize in delivering a complete network security solution from physical, network and transport, up to the application layer. Our solutions, using state-of-the-art technologies, such as IPS, NGFW, WAF, and others; provide protection at the highest possible level.

Monitoring and Integration with SIEM

Comprehensive cyber security solutions must include, in addition to proper design and setting of the security features, continuous monitoring and evaluation of events in the infrastructure. Thanks to the integration of security technologies with SIEM, we can ensure intelligent evaluation of events and their correlation.

Behavioral and Forensic Network Communication Analysis

Using behavioral and forensic network communication technologies, we can evaluate ongoing communication in real time. Rapid detection of suspicious communications is ensured by capturing network communication and analyzing it down to the application level. Forensic analysis technologies provide detailed information for retrospective analysis and attack assessments thus enabling us to effectively detect the system’s vulnerability.

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Cyber Security