Small sensors are fitted in the house of the user. These can be placed in the following places: front door, living room, bathroom and bedrooms. Ambient information is then collected without the use of cameras or microphones. The privacy of the home is respected at all times.

Wireless hub: A network-connected device which transmits information received by the sensors in the house to the central servers at MONSE.

Data from the sensors arrives at the server where the caregiver and other professional team members (nurses, social workers, doctors, psychologists etc.) can analyse it in real time to prevent incidents occurring. Above all it can be used to improve the physical and emotional well-being of the resident.


The data from the sensors is stored in a secure way on the server so that it can accessed it via a dashboard on a webpage.

The server structure supports an ambient intelligence module, which help in making decisions, establishing rules, setting up alarms and users etc., which make up the MONSE CLOUD.

The real time analysis of data received displays not only a clear overview of the habits and routines of the user, but also the activation of alarms and notifications. The aim is to offer tools to the professional that improve the level of care and the physical and emotional wellbeing of the user whilst at the same time guarding against potential safety issues.

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