14. 8. 2017

Christmas markets in Bratislava

Aliter Technologies was the first commercial company to participate in Christmas markets in Bratislava.

For several years, we have been offering products and Christmas decorations made in sheltered workshops – namely the Pezinská dielnička and the Slovak sheltered workshop – for a voluntary contribution at the Bratislava Christmas markets. Our input is to refinance products directly to protected workshops and to provide volunteers from our employees who will sell products on the markets. The entire collection is donated to the non-profit organization Plamienok to support the terminally ill and dying children, their home palliative treatment and care. At the same time, by purchasing decorations we directly supported sheltered workshops so that they can involve disabled people in their work. Among other things, we cooperated with the Canadian Embassy in Bratislava and the IWCB (International Women’s Club of Bratislava) in organizing and selling traditional Canadian products at the Canadian stand at the Christmas Charity Bazaar, which took place in the Old Market.