COMTANET® of the second generation provides IP based voice, data and video teleconferencing services at military tactical command posts, as well as at temporary operational centers of civilian protection. This also includes the use and integration of various transmission means such as military radios, LOS radio relay equipment, civil radios, high-speed MANET radios, satellite devices, metallic and optical field wires, etc., thus building a comprehensive tactical communication network.

COMTANET® is available:

  • In a deployable light configuration in transport boxes fitted with appropriate ICT technologies or,
  • As a mobile command and control system integrated into technological containers and / or special command and control vehicles.

The core of COMTANET® consists of MIL-STD tactical ICT devices such as servers, routers, switches, power supply units, DC power distribution and UPS units, voice radio gateways, data radio gateways, high-speed MANET radios, media converters, line termination units, radio communication monitoring units. The construction of these devices allows them to be installed and used in military weapon systems such as tanks, combat armored vehicles, artillery systems, etc.