11. 6. 2019

A cyber security expert warns about the smart cities concept

Peter Dostál emphasizes the need for cyber security implementation.

The concept of so-called smart cities can be a security risk. Electronic appliances, houses, cars and cities can stop us functioning correctly and cause damage ranging from small casualties such as malfunctioning of an electronic device appliance, through the property damage, health and life risks, to major damage caused by chaos and critical infrastructure outages throughout the community. For TASR, said director of technology and security firm Aliter Technologies Peter Dostál.

It specifies that the smart concept usually means that cities have to be connected to the network and then back to the internet. “Almost everyone can access them over the Internet. This brings new risks that we didn’t know. ”

Dostál warns that if cyber security is not implemented along with smart technology, we can soon experience “traffic, parking, public transport or city lighting failures”.

He reminds us that when implementing similar solutions, it is necessary to look not only at price and functionality, but also at security. “Solutions can be very simple, from access control and communication and data encryption to highly sophisticated monitoring and detection of threats and attacks.”

The concept of so-called smart cities was also a point of discussion at the Globsec 2019 Bratislava Forum.

Article was also published in media: TERAZ.SK, DNESKY.SK, 24HOD.SK, INFOSPRAVY.SK