ICT and Cloud Services

We design and implement cloud-based information systems that are reliable, accessible, efficient and, most importantly, secure.

If you want to migrate your existing systems to a cloud infrastructure, we can help you with our comprehensive service package. We take care of validation and proper data flow, unification of system communications, infrastructure reporting and monitoring, and also provide a disaster recovery system in case of data loss - all in a public cloud, hybrid or private solution.

We provide integration at every level

We will prepare for you the integration of individual services (off-the-shelf network technologies for data, voice and video transmission over MAN/WAN/LAN), as well as the complex integration of cloud solutions on new hardware or in the data centre.

When designing and integrating communication systems, we emphasise the security, availability, scalability, advantageous operating costs and modularity of our systems.

We are ready to help you with integration at the following levels:

  • IT services, frameworks, databases
  • Operating system
  • Virtualisation
  • Networks
  • Hardware
  • Data centre environment

Cloud services

Cloud on premises

Integration of the cloud solution on hardware directly in your own data centre or on the servers under your administration.

This implementation will give you the most control over the cloud solution. If you have an existing infrastructure, we will customise the cloud solution for it. If you are still planning to set up your own data centre, we are available to provide advice or design structures and processes.


A hybrid solution allows you to connect a private cloud on your own infrastructure with a public cloud. Thanks to this integration, you will benefit from the security of a private cloud with the reliability and robustness of public cloud solutions.

We will prepare a cloud-based infrastructure that effectively and securely leverages both aspects: the use of applications and data storage, as well as coping with high workloads and ensuring protection against potential attacks.

Public cloud

Information system design and management on a third-party cloud.

If an on-premises cloud-based infrastructure is not cost-effective for you, we will prepare information systems and cloud management solutions customised for the provider you have chosen.


Defend yourself against cyberthreats - our solutions will help you secure your networks, servers, applications and sensitive data against external attacks. Thanks to our expertise in both hardware and software, we provide a comprehensive perspective of IT security.


Our portfolio of services

  • Migration of information systems to a public cloud and their management

    Optimise the operations of your information technology. With a public cloud solution, you get high flexibility, security, elastic performance and capacity whenever services are needed for your customers.

    We will provide you with a software platform for building and managing applications in the public cloud, along with a virtualised infrastructure. Alternatively, we can take over the complete management of your cloud-based systems and applications.

  • Recovery plan

    Secure your information systems from crashing. With a recovery plan, you will be able to minimise the risk of data loss, reduce the severity of outages, ensure the highest possible availability of critical applications and maintain the continuity of your business.

    The recovery plan uses a cloud-based solution to build a backup infrastructure from which the damaged part of the infrastructure can be restored.It minimizes the impact of both software (misconfiguration) and hardware failures (infrastructure damage, fire, etc.).

    In addition to that, it defines procedures to respond and manage incidents, reducing response time (systems can be restored in minutes) and increasing the organization's preparedness for a crisis situation.

  • Endpoint device management

    This centralises the management of all endpoint devices in one place. Ease of management, more efficient operations and enhanced security for all endpoint devices in your organisation.

    Perform updates and settings on all endpoint devices at once and remotely, create installation packages, monitor application usage, and provide secure remote access to internal employees and external collaborators.

  • Networks

    We offer a complete portfolio of services related to the design, implementation and support of software-defined, virtual and traditional networks for stationary and mobile communication systems.

    We will help you integrate commercial or special technologies for data, voice, video or various other IT systems into your networks.

    When designing and integrating communication systems, we emphasise reliability, availability, security, modularity, scalability, low operating costs and interoperability.

  • Secure on prem cloud

    Deployment and operation of secure cloud services in your data centre.

    Our team of experienced experts will implement and operate cloud services for you in accordance with security standards and norms. Cloud services are easily scalable thanks to the IT-as-a-service model, while retaining full control over data.

    On-prem-clouds can be easily extended with other cloud services in the form of pay-per-use, which helps to optimize operating costs (by up to 30%) and increase productivity (by up to 40%).

  • Outsourcing of IT operations and security

    Optimise personnel costs thanks to both outsourcing and complex IT operations. We use a service desk system with customer access that allows you to contact our team and submit tickets via web, phone, email, or automated means.

    By continuously monitoring functionality and security, we provide support for even the largest implementations and data centres with 24/7 availability. We collect and assess events from IT devices, and if any issues are detected, we promptly generate operational or security alarms.

    We approach security threats in the same manner: by capturing, evaluating, and promptly addressing them in order to mitigate any risks. We then use the information gathered to suggest improvements to the infrastructure and to continually improve security.