Tactical Communication

We provide you with the tools you need to achieve maximum efficiency, accuracy and operational capability at your tactical command posts. We have fully-fledged solutions for your every requirement - regardless of the complexity and scope of your operations.

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Tactical command post

We are leaders in the development and implementation of tactical command and control posts for civilian rescue operations. Our solutions enable the effective management of operations in dynamic and high-risk scenarios. We help organizations create and manage integrated information and communication technologies, which are key success factors in the digital era.

COMTANET® provides IP voice, data and video teleconferencing services to military tactical command posts and temporary civil defence operations centres. It enables the creation of a comprehensive tactical communications network consisting of several integrated means of transmission: military and civilian radios, radio relay devices, high-speed MANET radios and metallic or optical satellite devices.

  • Ease of operation

  • Modular components

  • A wide range of products

  • Durability in extreme conditions

Where can our solutions be applied?

  • Integrated rescue system

    We have experience in planning, designing and implementing nationwide rescue and public protection solutions. Our solution consists of multiple, geographically-dispersed data centres and control centres working in a synchronised 'full mesh' operation, ensuring the high availability and back-up of all data, including continuous operation in the event of natural disasters.

  • Border protection

    We combine available security technologies and proprietary solutions to achieve maximum reliability in the protection of state borders. Thanks to our rich experience with this application, we can develop technologies and processes to ensure physical protection, which provide accurate information on intrusions with a minimum of false alarms. At the same time, they minimize operating and investment costs, as well as human resource requirements.

  • Crisis Operations Management Sites

    Comprehensive solutions for armed forces, police, special operations units, rescue forces, civil protection and all the forces and organizations that intervene in crisis situations, whether military or non-military in nature. Tactical and mobile ICT solutions are implemented through the COMTANET® and COMTAG® product lines.

    They are characterized in particular by:

    • rapid deployment and commissioning,
    • high mobility and autonomy from the existing telecommunications infrastructure,
    • usability in field environments with difficult climatic, geographical or weather conditions.

    The technologies and systems used meet NATO and international civilian standards. The design of tactical and mobile ICT meets MIL-STD requirements.

  • Support for command posts

    Solution for crisis management staff, local governments, police, civil protection, rescue forces and other forces involved in planning and managing tasks for the rescue and protection of the population (emergency situations), as well as in the protection of critical infrastructure facilities in the event of natural disasters, industrial accidents, terrorist attacks and other emergencies threatening the lives and property of the population. We offer simple and comprehensive, tailor-made ICT support solutions that ensure the integration of diverse communication and information systems of the forces involved in public safety tasks. Our own product portfolio is based on the COMTANET® product line and is the result of our own development.

The COMTANET® core consists of MIL-STD tactical ICT devices


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Tactical communication in vehicles

COMTAG® provides voice and data services for highly mobile tactical units on the move. It consists of:

  1. voice component: provides voice communication services in the vehicle and access to radio devices,
  2. data component: provides dynamic data routing over radio equipment,
  3. accessories: headsets for operating personnel and other additional equipment.

Components that make up COMTAG®

High-speed radio communication

The solution provides radio communication using the high-speed MANET radio system. It is especially designed for radio communication with unmanned and manned aerial vehicles - helicopters, airships, etc. It provides a comprehensive connection and allows simultaneous transmission of image, data and voice in L, S or C frequency bands.

High-speed radio solutions

Communications for Special Purpose Units

The solution provides military and police units with high-speed MANET radio communications for special operations. The solution can also include various types of cameras, ground sensors and unmanned vehicles, as well as command and control applications, providing comprehensive tactical command, communication and reconnaissance capabilities.


Online configurator

Are you looking for a tailor-made solution that will meet all your requirements? Use our online configurator or get in touch with our experts.