A short review of 2018 and the challenges for 2019 by our CEO, Peter Dostal.

Dear business partners, friends and supporters of the Aliter Technologies. The year 2018 is over and thanks to your support and drive, expertise and intellect of our employees, it has been very successful to us. A number of interesting contracts at home and aboard were awarded to us. The contracts were intended to strengthen the security of NATO, Slovakia and our coalition allies.

We continued to develop the portfolio of our competencies and products that we presented at prestigious exhibitions worldwide. We have invested into the Canadian company Tidal Migrations, which is engaged in the development of technologies to support the migration of an on-premise IT infrastructure into the cloud. We remained actively involved in the CSR programs.

What will 2019 bring to Aliter Technologies? We are committed to finalize ongoing projects, acquire strategic opportunities in NATO and further develop strategic priorities of the company. The strategic priorities include acquisition and organic expansion of the company at home and abroad and the development of the new products and competencies. In the area of ICT remains our priority cloud and cybersec. In the area of software development, the priority will be the completion of the undergoing projects, the MONSE and preparation for the new projects. The Special Systems division will focus on launch of serial production of the COMTANETv2, VIMA, and SILWA systems.

In 2019, I wish you success in your personal and professional life. I would really appreciate your continues support. Without you, we would never achieved so much.

Peter Dostal, CEO of Aliter Technologies, a.s.

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