2. 4. 2023

A strong representation of Aliter Technologies runners at the ČSOB Bratislava Marathon 2023

Our runners participated in four categories.

April 2 belonged to running! The 18th edition of the ČSOB Bratislava Marathon was held in Bratislava, and there was also a large representation of runners from Aliter Technologies.

Our runners particiated in:

  • ČSOB Marathon: Juraj Šintál (180th place)
  • Renault Half Marathon: Filip Mikuš (254th place), Jozef Cerovský (1534th place), Mária Bakaljarová (374th place; overall 21st place among women)
  • Mattoni relay half marathon (4 x 5.5 km): Aneta Neuschelová (A) – Zuzana Ištoková (B) – Alena Bajanová (C+D) – 246th place
  • Mattoni relay marathon (4 x 10.5 km): external runner (A) – external runner (B) – Peter Kováč (C) – Michal Horeličan (D) – 27th place

We congratulate our runners on their great performances!