10. 1. 2024

Aliter Technologies in Forbes: Stay one step ahead and don’t give cyberattacks a chance

Time is moving by leaps and bounds and the online world is becoming our reality. Closely related to this is cyber security, which has long been no longer the concern of large companies.

Where do we make the biggest mistakes in relation to cyber security and how to avoid potential attacks?

All in the same boat

With the new year, we once again moved an imaginary step into the future. Suddenly, terms like IoT, AI, deepfake, cloud computing, phishing, virtual reality or social engineering are completely normal to us, but it wasn’t so long ago that we didn’t understand any of these terms. “I can’t say exactly when it happened, but it’s a fact – we definitely live in a fully digital world. Perhaps this is also why the concept of cyber security is no longer just the domain of large international companies. Today, even small companies, hospitals, cities or schools deal with it if they want to successfully face everything that today’s dark side of the digital world threatens,” explains Ján Grujbár, CEO of Aliter Technologies.

Cyber awareness

On a positive note, the public is gradually realizing the need to protect the most vulnerable groups in the new cyber era. “Many institutions selflessly educate seniors or take care of our youngest who are just getting to know technology and the Internet. They point out the pitfalls of social networks, inappropriate content in the online space, warn against the potential download of fraudulent applications and the like,” continues Ján Grujbár. At the same time, he adds that even though many of us take the right steps in this direction, we also make one huge mistake – we forget ourselves.

Where are we going wrong?

“We know we should, but we don’t change passwords in apps or on our home router; we do not turn on multi-factor authentication, because then logging in is more time-consuming. We publish photos directly from vacations so that everyone knows that we are not at home,” the cyber security expert lists the pitfalls of the online world. But the list does not end. “We expose family and children on social networks, we don’t use one-time generated payment data for online payments, we log on to questionable WiFi networks anywhere, we use private devices for work purposes and vice versa. I could continue like this for a very long time,” says Grujbár.

A safe resolution

According to him, the paradox is that although people know that such a path is not right, they still follow it. Is it because we live too fast and don’t have time to devote ourselves to this area as well? Is it because nothing terrible has happened to us yet and we think it will be like this forever? The answer to this question is unclear. “However, I know one thing for sure – you have to start sometime. Perhaps the turn of the year and the adoption of various resolutions are the right springboard to start thinking fully digitally about yourself as well. I wish you that the entry into the new year is not only happy, but also safe,” concludes Ján Grujbár.

SOURCE: Forbes