Aliter Technologies at the International Defence Exhibition IDEB 2018

16.5.2018, BRATISLAVA: Aliter Technologies is part of the International Defence Exhibition IDEB in Bratislava this year as well where we present to the public for the first time our new solutions SILWA (Silent Watcher) and VIMA (Virtual Mast) and the new generation of our most successful product sets COMTANET® and COMTAG®.

Aliter Technologies is an acknowledged expert in the area of ICT and software development known for its sophisticated and unique solutions tailored to the needs of our clients. The company is a registered supplier for NATO and a longtime supplier of multinational companies in the field of defense and aviation technology such as Airbus, BAE Systems, Ericsson, General Dynamics and Northrop Grumman. The products and solutions of Aliter Technologies have proven themselves in the challenging conditions of the ISIAF Foreign Mission in Afghanistan and they are key parts of other comprehensive solutions as well, such as NATO AGS.

At IDEB, the company will present a new generation of its most successful product sets COMTANET® and COMTAG®. The internationally acknowledged COMTANET provides converged voice, data and video services at deployed, provisional field command post locations as an alternative to previously corrupted or destroyed ICT infrastructure. The COMTAG® family of components of the software-defined tactical communication intercom for vehicles is a versatile solution to the requirements for connecting together crewmembers, various systems and units or other vehicles, operating centres and off-board crews. Aliter Technologies’s new solution VIMA, a drone connected to the ground by a cable, which presents a modern alternative to classic mechanical masts, is displayed at the company’s stand as well.

Since the co-operation with the sub-contractor of the airship technology carrier itself has been terminated, this carrier will be replaced by a new one from another manufacturer. The visual materials depict the original model. All the other technologies will remain unchanged.

At Aliter Technologies’ external exhibition area, visitors can see for the first time in Slovakia the company’s new solution SILWA, a 12 m long airship that enables silent aerial monitoring, exploration and long-term observation. SILWA can be used for search and rescue operations, monitoring of assemblies and traffic, border protection, military base protection, and so on. The specific features of the solution include, for example, automatic target tracking, high image zoom stability, moving targets indication, secure video and data transfer, etc. In addition to the day / night camera system, SILWA can also be used to increase the radio coverage of areas of interest.

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