Aliter Technologies on cyber threats and university clouds at the UNINFOS 2018 conference

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On December 13, 2018, experts from Aliter Technologies, shared their experiences at the UNINFOS 2018 conference.
Aliter Technologies o kyber hrozbách a univerzitnom cloude na konferencii UNINFOS 2018

UNINFOS 2018 was organized by Comenius University in Bratislava in cooperation with EUNIS Slovakia. The main topics of the conference were: GDPR and IT security at universities, information security education and digitization of educational system.

Participants learned how to deal with # 1 cyberthreat in the school sector, according to experts from Aliter Technologies, while also treating GDPR. It is very important to realize that educational system is an interesting target for attackers, it can “offer” them mainly personal data and sensitive information about students. Threat no. 1 is definitely phishing. The solution to phishing is, in particular, according to the Aliter Technologies’ opinion, is an e-learning education, whose main goal is to ensure a change of thinking and an increase in cyber literacy. Another effective defense against phishing is the ability to use GDPR application solutions and tools to concentrate sensitive information on a secure site or storage, access authentication, and monitoring of personal data operations. The third solution is the actual inventory, fragmentation and permanent real-time network control.

Why is it useful for universities to migrate university cloud to a public cloud environment? In a presentation by Aliter Technologies on this topic, participants learned how to successfully manage migration, starting with business goals through detection, analysis, plan and implementation. A real example was the migration case of Western University Canada and McMaster University, which implemented Tidal migrations, a strategic partner of Aliter Technologies. Conference participants also appreciated the tips of free cloud programs for universities.