Christmas markets with JOJ

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Aliter Technologies a partner of Christmas markets with JOJ in Žilina, Senica, Pezinok and Galanta in 2023.
Vianočné trhy s JOJ-kou

On the morning of November 24, our CEO Ján Grujbár was on TV JOJ to warn us in this hectic pre-Christmas time about the pitfalls that we may not be aware of and which are related to internet purchases, delivery of parcels or online payments as part of the Christmas Markets project with JOJka. To make Christmas not only happy, but also safe.

We at Aliter Technologies are aware of our responsibility to bring other values to society. That is why we create many different projects and initiatives to help individuals, organizations or the community throughout the year. We liked the Donated Christmas project and thanks to it we were able to help Mrs. Anna Procházková, a grandmother of three grandchildren, whom she takes care of alone.

We wanted to help her in a way that we understand the most, with a gift that we believe will delight her grandchildren, but will also be helpful in their education. That is why, through our colleague Michal Srnec, we gave her a computer on Saturday, November 25, at Andrej Hlinka Square in Žilina. It goes without saying that help with starting up the computer, training and setting up everything so that its use is completely safe (if Mrs. Procházková is interested).

Subsequently, on Sunday, November 26, we handed over the voucher to the mayor of Žilina, Mr. Peter Fiabáne. The voucher is intended for a selected elementary school for the workshop “Who is hiding on the other side or how to live safely in the online world.” The workshop will focus on the safe use of devices (computer/mobile phone) connected to the Internet. The workshop will focus on basic principles, specific pitfalls we face every day, the topic of social engineering, etc. respectively according to the preferences of the elementary school.

The first weekend of December belonged to the Christmas market with JOJka in Senica. Here, we also handed over a voucher for the workshop “Who’s hiding on the other side, or how to live safely in the online world” into the hands of Svetlana Chábelová, the director of ZŠ Sadová in Senica. To make working with a computer not only fun, but also safe.

Another stop during the second weekend of December was the Christmas markets with JOJka in Pezinok. Here, too, we had one nice duty, namely to hand over a voucher for the workshop to the principal of Na bielenisku 2 Primary School, Ingrid Jurčová.

The last place of Christmas markets with JOJ was Galanta. Here, at the Christmas markets, we handed out a voucher to the Zoltán Kodály Elementary School for the workshop “Who is hiding on the other side, or how to live safely in the online world”, but also a voucher for a one-week rehabilitation stay at the Miroslav Náhlik Rehabilitation Center – CEREMINA, n.o. intended for little Christian. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for you!