Crowd monitoring at a Rammstein concert

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On June 14th, 40,000 fans at the Trenčín airport waited for Rammstein concert.
Monitorovanie davu na koncerte Rammstein

On June 14, 2023, the band Rammstein offered Slovak fans the chance to experience their “gigantic show” at the Trenčín airport.

With such a large number of people, it was very important to monitor the situation in order to maintain the safety of all visitors, organizers and the band itself. And this is where the Aliter Technologies team stepped in. Through MCP and a drone VIMA they monitored the crowd and the situation at the airport from the air throughout the day.

In the images in the gallery, you can see the main control center where everything is clearly monitored, VIMA in the air, or a long line of trucks with material for the stage and the concert itself.