Cybersecurity myths

To understand that "myths about cybersecurity are just illusions" is the first step in developing cybersecurity.

1) We have invested in sophisticated security tools therefore we are safe

Organizations are generally mistaken that investing in state-of-the-art security tools and solutions can help them build an invincible shield between their networks and cybercriminals. Sophisticated cyber security solutions are certainly an essential part of securing your business, but they won’t protect you from everything. Security tools and solutions are only fully effective if they are properly configured, monitored, maintained and integrated into overall security operations.


2) We regularly perform penetration tests

Many entrepreneurs assume that they can prevent cyber security risks because they regularly perform penetration tests. But the penetration test is ineffective if the organization is unable to manage and correct the vulnerabilities and gaps in their security approach identified during the test. In addition, the organization should consider the scope of the test, whether it covers the entire network, and allows accurate replication of the most common cyber threats.


3) To ensure business safety, it is sufficient to comply with industry regulations

Adherence to industry data regulations is essential for business, confidence building and the prevention of legal consequences. However, regulations often contribute only a minimal number of safety procedures. Following the rules does not mean that you are safe. Organizations need to consider whether regulations are sufficiently significant and cover all critical systems and data.


4) The third party security provider will provide everything

While a cybersecurity company takes responsibility for implementing and reviewing security policies to ensure the security of the company, it is essential that you understand the cyber risks to your organization and how to address them. Regardless of the capabilities and credentials of the security provider, you have legal and ethical responsibility for securing critical assets. Make sure your security provider informs you of their security roles, responsibilities and abilities, and any violations.

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