4. 10. 2021

Data backup is a must, it should be done automatically and regularly

Data backup provides assistance in, for example, disk failure or damage, or security incidents.

Backing up data from computers or portable devices is a must, experts say. It is best if it happens automatically without the need for user intervention and on a regular basis. In the case of small companies, according to Daniel Suchý from Aliter Technologies, it is appropriate to back up daily and in the case of private devices, depending on the nature of the data as well as the dynamics of device use.

Although the percentage of users who back up their data is increasing, according to the expert, many do not back up their data often enough. They store the data once a year or at an even greater interval. “The time period for annual data backup is so great that in case of data recovery, such a backup is usually unusable,” said Suchý. Data backup provides assistance, for example, in case of disk failure or damage or security incidents. It can also be useful in natural disasters such as severe storms, floods or windstorms. In these cases, Suchý considers cloud online storage to be the optimal solution. Data on a storage device, such as an external drive, can save data from a stolen or lost cell phone or computer. The meaning of backup is also shown with accidentally deleted data.