Digitization facilitates team collaboration

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Did you know that an average office worker receives an average of 120 e-mails a day and sends 40? *
Digitization facilitates team collaboration

Exchange of information by mail is still the most popular way to communicate. Mutual communication and exchange of information are everyday forms of cooperation with colleagues on whom we depend. Working together increases efficiency. Today in fast-growing companies, where we are working on multiple projects in parallel, efficiency is crucial. If teams work efficiently and well, they gain more trust and responsibility, which means more orders or new projects. In addition to e-mails to our workplaces, digitization brought useful tools to facilitate our cooperation – collaboration.

The collaboration process can be divided into several sections, shown in the scheme below.

How to choose a suitable collaboration tool from a variety of solutions available? Aliter Technologies experts have prepared an overview of the tools and applications that are used for team communication, task and document management and sharing.

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