Drones are already helping to protect birds. Ákos Haramia on The Truth About Climate

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The topic of conversation was drones, which help protect birds and mount diverters on power lines. Because where man cannot go, the drone flies.
Drony už pomáhajú chrániť vtáky. Ákos Haramia v relácii Pravda o klíme

How high can power lines stretch and why can’t birds see them? What are diverters and how do they work? How far can a drone go and how much more efficient is it than a human? How often do drones crash and how useful are 3D printers for them? When will artificial intelligence start controlling them? What can drones be used for in nature and wildlife conservation and when will we find out if bears are really overpopulated in Slovakia thanks to them?

The truth about climate this time is mainly about technology – the guest of Ľubomír Straka is Ákos Haramia from Aliter Technologies.

The Truth About Climate – Episode 13

SOURCE: Pravda