30. 6. 2023

Pravda: Slovaks have a unique drone, it monitored the Pope and Rammstein

Security at festivals or sports matches is no longer the domain of private security companies or the organisers. Even if most fans don't notice it, special drones monitor their behaviour from the air. These can stay in the air in one place for several hours, replacing conventional cameras installed on poles. The so-called Virtual Mast (VIMA) has already been used in Slovakia by the organisers of several large events.

“The big advantage is that you don’t have to put up any masts or think about where to put the security cameras. These drones are connected to a power source via a cable, so their endurance in the air is virtually unlimited and they can monitor events lasting up to a whole day. In addition, they can move vertically in the air, which allows us to keep a better eye on what is happening in their surroundings,” said Ákos Haramia, a drone expert from Aliter Technologies.

This technology was recently used by the organisers of the Rammstein concert in Trenčín, where they used a drone to monitor the safety of a crowd of 40,000 fans. The VIMA drone also kept an eye on, for example, the visit of the Pope in 2021.

“They can practically secure all major outdoor events, including various high-risk football matches, for example. Operators or security experts can detect in real time a nascent conflict, possibly target suspicious persons and then send security services to them if necessary,” described the functioning of the system Ákos Haramia, Head of UAV Team, Aliter Technologies.

“The airship can move over a wide area. It can carry similar equipment as a drone into the air, but it is almost noiseless. It also has the advantage of operating at considerable heights, which extends the possibilities of automatic surveillance, video recording or even reading number plates, for example. Moreover, they are surprisingly easy to operate,” added Ákos Haramia, Head of UAV Team, Aliter Technologies.

Aliter Technologies is a technology company that develops IT and communications systems for government departments, multinational security, defence and aerospace contractors and international organisations. It is a supplier to NATO and other international organisations, defence and interior ministries of member countries and large multinational companies in the defence and security industry.

SOURCE: Pravda