31. 1. 2022

Ján Grujbár has become the new CEO of Aliter Technologies

The pandemic has led to a revolution in the IT universe. According to Ján Grujbár, it offers new growth opportunities for the entire Slovak IT sector, however, he also draws attention to potential threats in the form of frequent attacks by hackers.

The Slovak-Canadian technology company specializing in the development and production of special communication systems, software solutions as well as cloud and cybersecurity is changing the top management. The change is a reaction to the significant business growth. “Last year, we won a $30 million contract for the North Atlantic Alliance. We have the ambition to continue to grow and succeed also abroad, while we want to focus not only on special systems, but especially on cloud and cybersecurity as these are pivotal areas with global impact affecting both people and companies,” stressed Ján Grujbár, the new CEO of Aliter Technologies.

According to Grujbár, it was exactly the pandemic that has contributed to the revolutionary changes in the development of cloud and cybersecurity. “The pandemic has confirmed that without cloud solutions we would be on our knees. Thanks to the cloud, companies maintained business continuity and retained jobs, applications and services remained available, students and pupils could continue learning online. In the upcoming decade, the presence and benefits of cloud solutions will be even more evident,” said Ján Grujbár. As he adds, the entire IT sector can benefit from the growth, “Here in Slovakia, we have numerous top-quality IT experts and companies that can benefit from this development. Not only them, but all of us should also think about cybersecurity, an aspect that is often overlooked.”

It is exactly the development and greater demand for IT solutions that also brings new threats in the form of hacker attacks. According to an Accenture report, the global number of incidents increased by as much as 125% year-on-year. “Cyber security in this and the coming years will be affected by the growing complexity of networks, infrastructure and system architecture, but also by the increasing maturity of threats, supply chain vulnerabilities, lack of emphasis placed on security in innovative solutions, and the ever-stronger interconnection of the virtual and physical worlds. All of this will bring new vulnerabilities and associated challenges for security experts. The question, then, is not whether a company or organization will face a cyber-attack, but when this will actually happen, ” explains CEO of Aliter Technologies.

The company is therefore responding to rapidly evolving IT trends as well as its own growth by implementing significant changes. “In addition to the new management, we are also moving to a decentralized system of management giving our experts more freedom, but also more responsibilities – all of this to be able to respond more swiftly to market developments,” concludes Ján Grujbár, who replaced Peter Dostál, the company founder and previous CEO. As part of the transformation, a new Board of Directors has also been appointed, headed by Ervin Haramia.

Founded in 2007, Aliter Technologies has recently invested e.g. in Tidal Migrations, a Canadian business focusing on migrations to cloud technologies, as well as Runecast in the UK, an expert in predictive analytics and monitoring in virtualized environments.

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