20. 8. 2015

Pilot project STORK 2.0 in use

Aliter Technologies, a.s. has passed the pilot project STORK 2.0 into service which opens new possibilities in the area of authentication and authorization within the cross-border provision of eGov services.

Hereby Slovakia is among the first countries that fulfilled its commitments towards the European Union in the area of cross-border authentication.

STORK 2.0 enables Slovak citizens to use chosen eGov services in European countries and to use their national electronic identification card (eID) for authentication and authorization. Architecture and implemented integration of the deployed solution will enable national as well as European providers of eGov services to receive data about natural persons and legal entities from source and reference registers, and at the same time validate powers to legally represent a business. On the other side the project enables EU citizens to use the pilot service in the agenda of Trade Licensing – Notification of cross-border service provision in the Slovak Republic.