1. 2. 2024

Slovak-Canadian technology company supplies the world with innovations

It has made its breakthrough in Canada and delivers solutions to international organizations.

Aliter Technologies, which develops IT and communication systems, has become one of the most important technology companies in Europe. It has been successful in fierce competition, winning several NATO tenders, and is expanding abroad, including on the North American continent.

A drone that guarded the Pope in Slovakia, a communication system that can survive extreme conditions and harsh treatment, or a unique car from which security operations can be controlled and monitored. Slovak-Canadian company Aliter Technologies is behind these innovations. Its products are used by power ministries, multinational suppliers of security, defence and aerospace equipment, and international organizations, including NATO. “Competition in the world of information and communication technologies is huge, and we often have to compete with the largest global companies. I am very pleased that in Slovakia we are able to develop unique systems and products that are in great demand abroad,” explained Ján Grujbár, CEO of Aliter Technologies.

The company has also managed to grow exponentially by expanding into foreign markets. Its successful investments include a company from Canada that focuses on migrations to cloud technologies, or an expert in predictive analytics and monitoring in virtualized environments from the UK. “It is our success in Canada that has opened up opportunities across North America. We are constantly looking for new investment targets that will also give us access to new technologies,” added the CEO.

Aliter Technologies was presented by David Colebatch, CEO of its Canadian branch, this week at a business mission in Ottawa organized by the Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency and attended by Zuzana Čaputová, President of the Slovak Republic, as well as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, with the aim of strengthening economic cooperation between Slovakia and Canada. “We appreciate that the Slovak Republic is making every effort to help Slovak companies grow in foreign markets. Opportunities for showcasing and making new strategic contacts help all companies in the sector that want to expand. Companies that are successful and develop highly specialized products and services in Slovakia not only gain valuable know-how for the country, they also help to prevent the so-called brain drain, as experts have the opportunity to apply themselves in Slovakia”, concludes Ján Grujbár, CEO of Aliter Technologies.

Aliter Technologies will also present itself at the world’s largest exhibitions this year, you can see its products in Ottawa at the CANSEC exhibition, in Bratislava at IDEB, in Paris at Eurosatory, or in Prague at Future Forces Forum.

Source: PR