Slovak IT company successful in the megatender for NATO

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Aliter Technologies will supply technological solutions for NCIA worth €30M.
Slovenská IT spoločnosť úspešná v megatendri pre NATO

IT company Aliter Technologies, which specializes in security, information and communication technologies (ICT), arranged a contract to supply systems for support and operation of the NATO Communications and Information Agency’s (NCIA) infrastructure. Part of the order are services related to the commissioning of the technologies. The signing of the contract is another successful step of the Slovak-Canadian IT company, which has already delivered dozens of projects for NATO in the past.

“We consider the signing of this contract as the start of further successful cooperation with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) shortly after the ground surveillance system (AGS), on which our company participated, became operational. This solution is formed by unmanned aircraft and is designed to meet data collection, surveillance and research needs and to protect Europeans more effectively from potential dangers. We believe that this project will benefit individual member states,” said Peter Dostál, CEO of Aliter Technologies.

The contract concluded by Aliter Technologies with NATO is in the amount of €30M with the option of further enlargement. Slovaks were successful in competition with the largest suppliers of defense and IT technologies. The contract also includes service deliveries and integrated logistics support (ILS). “We have signed several multi-million contracts with this customer in recent years, but none of them was this big. It is a huge honor, but also a commitment for our company,” added Peter Dostál.

Aliter Technologies is a technology company that develops IT and communication systems for power departments, multinational suppliers of military and aeronautical equipment and international organizations. It is a supplier to NATO and other international organizations, ministries of defense and home affairs of member states, and large multinationals in the defense and security industries.

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Aliter Technologies will supply technological solutions for NCIA worth €30M.