31. 12. 2022

Speech by the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the coming year 2023

Speech by the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the coming year 2023.

Dear business partners, friends, and patrons of Aliter Technologies,

Looking back to 2022, I have to admit that the most recent twelve months were anything but easy for Aliter Technologies. Paradoxically, it is often the most difficult years, that end up bringing advance and achievements. Indeed, achieving success is never easy, it always comes with lots of toil, shared efforts, and a ton of hard work. And this year, this snippet of wisdom holds even more truth. In fact, we consider 2022 to be one of the most successful years in terms of financial indicators. Delayed deliveries from 2021 contributed to achieving the favorable results as well as a significant increase in revenues from abroad – in particular from NATO NCIA. The credit goes not only to our new product and services portfolio but first and foremost, the committed and professional work of our team, for which we extend our thanks. It turns out that continuous investment in development and human resources yields results despite the continued existence of various crises around the world.

There were undoubtedly very few years as eventful and bringing as many fundamental changes as 2022 did. We started the year with changes in the company management, a new supervisory board, a new board of directors as well as a new CEO. We have migrated from a centralized and largely horizontal company management system to a decentralized and vertical structure as responsibilities changed across the entire company. In addition, we have introduced new processes, tools and activities to manage assets and resources more efficiently.

It is an old truth that all changes that any organization implements require some time and attention before the dust settles and processes start running to ensure satisfaction of all people involved. Therefore, we intend to dedicate the coming year primarily to company stabilization and fine-tuning of processes so that we can fully focus on implementing the projects that are ahead of us. Indeed, major challenges await us, particularly in the form of new multi-annual strategic contracts. Some of them coming at unprecedented size and extent that Aliter Technologies has never previously implemented. However, this is an encouraging sign as the company is poised to see several successful years.

Let me wish us all a great deal of strength, determination and zeal combined with creative spirit and courage to bring something new, as well as patience and mutual understanding. In your personal lives I wish you first and foremost all the health, happiness, and satisfaction. And for all of us, I do hope that the next year takes us a little further once again.


Ervin Haramia, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Aliter Technologies