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We are a long-term general partner of the unique STEFANIK TRAIL cross-country event, a relay and ultra-runner mountain run.

STEFANIK TRAIL is one of the toughest challenges for runners in Slovakia. The main race traditionally starts from the resting place of the greatest Slovak of our modern history – Milan Rastislav Štefánik – from the Mound of Milan Rastislav Štefánik to Bradle. On the ridge of the Little Carpathians, every year, runners give a heroic performance, paying tribute to General Štefánik and telling his life-saving story of 1915 when he was forced to burn his plane in Serbia in the war territory and set off for a march to safety.

The organizers contribute through donations to runners, volunteers and spectators to help the mobile hospice of non-profit organization – Plamienok.

Aliter Technologies has been a partner of this event since its inception. Since 2017, it has entered strategic general partnership with STEFANIK TRAIL. We support this event not only financially, but our company staff members always set up a running team as well. Every year, they take off for the start and are part of a community of courageous runners and dedicated volunteers that exceed over 1,000 participants.