20. 5. 2023


May 20th belonged to the STEFANIK TRAIL 2023 run.

This year, 4 categories were prepared for runners: marathon (42 km), half-marathon (22 km), dogtrekking (22 km) and Nordic-walking (22 km). The marathon runners started in the morning at 09:00 from Sološnica, and the remaining categories started from Pezinská Baba from 09:30. We are proud that Aliter Technologies was there this year as the general partner of the event, and we were also represented on the track.

Congratulations to all two-legged and four-legged runners for a great performance and big thank you to our colleagues Vierka (11th place) and Juraj (26th place)for representing the colors of Aliter Technologies. We enjoyed a day full of fun, emotions and fantastic sports performances.


The first two photos – author: Aliter Technologies. The remaining photos – author: juroko