27. 3. 2019

Survey: Slovaks are inconsistent in protecting personal data

The Eurostat survey showed that up to a third of Slovaks do not protect their personal data when installing an application on their phones. Experts advise to use cloud services and to encrypt data.

 Up to 36 % of Slovaks neglect to protect their personal data or sensitive information and while installing applications to their smartphones they do not regulate their access to the data. The results come from an analysis carried out by the European Statistical Office Eurostat.

According to the survey, 36 % of young people under 15 do not protect their data. In the case of ages up to 24, it is 34 % of people. The most vulnerable is the generation over 65, to the extent that 39 % of responders do not protect their data.

Cloud Solutions Specialist Peter Kováč from Aliter Technologies suggests: “Storing documents on a cloud brings users huge benefits. They are able to access their documents anytime from any device. Nevertheless, it is important to ensure the proper arrangement of cloud services. For example, for less sensitive documents, such as various official statements, it may be sufficient to use dual factor authentication. However, for more sensitive documents, such as pay slips, contracts, personal document scans, it is absolutely necessary to have a higher form of security, such as encrypted cloud storage combined with dual factor authentication. “

Specialists also suggest the use of the so-called VPN application that allows users to anonymize themselves on the Internet. At the same time, the application encrypts personal data from the Internet provider. “Furthermore, users should use dual factor authentication when logging into their accounts. Therefore, when logging in, with not only the password but another generated code to which only the user has access to through the application, card or other device – e.g. a mobile phone is required from the user. The advantage of such authentication is the increased security, since the code has time-limited validation and never repeats itself” explained Specialist from Aliter Technologies.

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