14. 1. 2016

The radar project with Aliter Technologies in ATM magazine

Aliter Technologies is mentioned in the current issue of ATM magazine. The article is called "Surveillance radar Commander SL":

Slovak Republic has announced a tender for the acquisition of modern 3D surveillance radars that will replace the current operating station P-37MSK.

One of the options is British giant BAE Systems

Radar Commander SL is the three-dimensional (3D) station, so it measures azimuth, distance and flight level of airborne targets. Radar operates in the broadcast band “S”, especially with an operating frequency in the range from 2.7 to 3.1 GHz. BAE Systems could cooperate with two Slovak partners in the project. One of the couple is Slovak IT company Aliter Technologies. In case of accepted offer Aliter Technologies will deliver special cassettes to the transmitting segment of the radar.

Cassettes will be delivered in 102 units, concretely in two variants: 4-channel variant and 5-channel variant. These cassettes will be placed in the above mentioned two modules TRIM. Each one of them has 23 parallel outputs to broadcasting and receiving signals from 23 waveguide elements.