SA reliable voice and data service delivery solution for high-mobile tactical units. COMTAG® is a software-defined tactical communication system for vehicles, intended to connect crew members both inside and outside the vehicle, as well as to communicate with operations or command centres.

It is unique due to its high-modular architecture, which is built on one central unit and additional external sources, which can be software enabled without the need for additional intervention in the vehicle or physically extended by other external sources (transmitters, alarm detectors, etc.).

  • In-vehicle and off-vehicle communication

  • Voice and data services

  • Connection of up to 8 terminals and 4 transmission devices

  • Easy to use

Another unique feature of the COMTAG® system is the dynamic data routing and MANET functionality via a narrowband V/UKV radio network, which is provided by the data control unit. Accessories include various types of headsets and other optional equipment.

COMTAG® system possibilities

Voice services in the internal network: The main functionality of the COMTAG® system enables connection of up to 8 people who can be directly in the vehicle or up to 1,200 metres away. Digital transmission guarantees clear sound and high transmission quality.

Voice services with external connection: Used for voice communication between vehicles, communication via a field phone or the connection of external devices such as tactical radio stations. There are 4 channels available.

Voice communication gateway: The connection of the internal network to an external network with VoIP services enables connection of VoIP services to selected radio networks.

Data services: Up to 4 data channels can be connected in the basic set. The module extended with a data communication gateway allows the creation of dynamic purpose-built MANET networks.