COMTANET® is a communications system that provides IP voice, data and video teleconferencing services to military tactical command posts and temporary civil defence operations centres. It also integrates military or civilian radios, high-speed MANET radios, satellite equipment and metallic or optical lines into its structure, creating a comprehensive tactical communications network.

  • Combat proven

  • MIL-STD ruggedisation

  • Flexibility and modularity

  • Easy to install

COMTANET® is an open modular system that can be expanded and configured according to user requirements. The individual components are designed to be ideal for highly mobile systems, which are compact, lightweight and energy-efficient. However, they do not compromise on the highest standards - they are built using the latest technology, tested by armies around the world, and offer all the necessary interfaces and accessories in a rugged form that can withstand the toughest conditions.

Key benefits

COMTANET® is a modular and flexible system with components mounted in 19-inch shipping boxes. It is scalable to customer needs and open to integration with other systems. The light weight and dimensions of the modules allow for easy transport and handling.

The system is autonomous, providing voice, data and video services regardless of the location. Its operation and administration are simple, while management is either local or connectable to external resources. All modules are ruggedized and meet standards for operation in extreme conditions. 

A flexible system for every situation

COMTANET® can be easily expanded with additional modules to meet the requirements of every customer. The choice of modules is up to you - the system can be simple or robust, as your applications require.


Online configurator

Are you looking for a tailor-made solution that will meet all your requirements? Use our online configurator or get in touch with our experts.


COMTANET® System Services

  • Voice and data services

    Voice and data services are the core of the entire system. COMTANET® provides all standard communication methods in one robust system: from telephone to Wi-Fi, e-mail, chat tools, video conferencing systems and the automatic transition to radio voice networks.

  • Transmission services

    The role of these services is to connect the COMTANET® infrastructure to the external environment in a stable way. Basically, a wide range of standard interfaces (Ethernet, optics, radio systems...) are supported.

  • Information security services

    Security against misuse of system resources and protection of transmitted data is an integral part of our modules. They include virtual private networks (VPNs), a firewall, an intrusion detection system (IDS) and antivirus services.

  • Management and control services

    The management of COMTANET® systems is practical and simple. We natively provide the possibility of monitoring the operating parameters of the system in real time, generating alarms and control records.

  • Technical support and protection services

    All COMTANET®  components are built to minimize hazards, protect components from damage and ensure smooth operation, but above all to protect the health of the operator and users in the event of failures.

Example of different COMTANET® solution configurations