Aliter CC

Aliter CC is a multi-tenant call center with the ability to operate under the most demanding conditions. The distinctive added value of the product is its Dashboard, which is an integrated improvement providing management of the voice channel, and the Service Plate, which covers the IT service management of the tool. Our product can fully support the needs of a call center, customer service and automated marketing campaigns.

Main Features:

  • Dial plan builder, design and implementation of IVR trees
  • Managing inbound and outbound campaigns
  • Predictive dialing
  • Automatic callbacks and satisfaction rating
  • Online analytics and service provision level monitoring
  • Reporting tool
  • Work Force Management
  • Quality control and management of recording
  • Extensively integrative API
Download the product information datasheet in pdf: Aliter Contact Center
We build multi-tenant call centers for the most difficult conditions, including supporting tools for effective and efficient operations.