Disaster Recovery

Our IT recovery plan includes processes to ensure the resumption of IT systems after a crash. We minimize the risk of data loss, reduce the severity of accidents and we provide high availability of key applications. Our solution is to create a Disaster Recovery Plan (IT) with the help of cloud or building a backup IT infrastructure.

Benefits of deploying an IT recovery plan after an accident/crash:

  • Ensures business continuity
  • Identifies procedures for responding and managing incidents
  • Minimizes impacts in the event of infrastructure failure caused by an incorrect configuration or accidental fire or other emergency
  • Optimizes resources to ensure anew operation
  • Minimizes recovery time
  • Eliminates data loss
  • Enables the systems to return to their state before the emergency
  • Provides recovery of critical systems within minutes

Phases of the IT Recovery Plan Creation

  • Risk identification – natural disasters, fire, human factor, IT threats, cybercrime and others
  • Risk and impact analysis – Identifying critical processes and their impact on the business
  • Plan creation
  • Implementation – creation of a technological solution for starting the operation in the backup site
  • Maintenance – training, testing, audit