Tactical Communication

Sophisticated field communication solutions for armed forces, police, fire brigades, rescue teams, special purpose forces, civil protection, crisis management personnel, and more. Radio, data and telephone networks to ensure communication in any terrain, even in the most challenging circumstances.

Prenosný IKT modul

Drones, unmanned systems

As part of the development of unmanned vehicles, we are pushing the boundaries of their use and bringing an innovative approach. VIMA, SILWA and BDC MINI drones demonstrate our ability to solve complex problems. They support the tasks of military and non-military security forces and also provide services for commercial purposes. Thanks to their quality, they are very popular among our clients in Europe, North and South America, and Australia. 


Are you afraid of cyber threats and want to actively defend yourselves against them? We are here to help you.
We will find the most sensitive points of your infrastructure, prepare a tailor-made solution and comprehensively secure your networks, servers, applications and databases containing sensitive data. We also provide complete outsourcing of IT operations and security for clients in many countries.

Information and Communication Technologies and Cloud Services

Reliable, accessible, safe and efficient.
Do your current information systems meet all these requirements? If not, let's do something about it together.

We will help you prepare and deploy information systems into your own IT infrastructure or directly on the cloud. If you do not want to have your data on public servers, we will prepare a private cloud for you with everything that goes with it.

Software development

The software development department of our company consists of programming, analysis and testing teams that are trusted by major players in both domestic and foreign markets. Together, they form a comprehensive team of experts that covers all stages of the project, from design to maintenance. Each tailor-made development project is unique and we approach our customers accordingly.

Custom electronics manufacturing

Take advantage of our experience and get a tailor-made product designed for your needs. We will take care of the research, development, design and production of prototypes and even of serial production.

We are specialised in the development of our own ICT devices and solutions, such as ruggedized devices compliant with MIL-STD standards, but also of tailor-made solutions according to specific customer requirements.

In addition to hardware, we will also design and develop service software that meets the customer's needs.