We want to actively contribute to the environmental protection.

What is our goal?

  • actively contribute to environmental protection

What do we want to achieve?

  • raising awareness of environmental protection options (reducing food waste, reducing disposable packaging, etc.)
  • support alternative forms of travel (public transport, bicycle, scooter)
  • introduce environmental principles in offices (recycling, energy saving, paperless office)
  • actively participate in environmental projects (tree planting, waste collection, etc.)

What have we achieved?

  • we regularly inform employees about interesting tips and tricks, improvements and ecological approaches in newsletters
  • we have prepared premises for workers who come to work on a bicycle or scooter, where they can store their equipment comfortably and without worries
  • we support and reward our employees in engaging in challenges such as: European Mobility Week or Bike to Work
  • we have set up a collection point for used batteries
  • we have introduced a corporate book SWAP, which gives books a second chance