18. 6. 2018

Aliter Technologies became a partner of 20th Anniversary of SFUL gala

Our company was a partner of 20th Anniversary of Slovak Ultra-light Flying Federation (SFUL) gala. The gala took place in historical building of Halič castle – now renowned to a hotel GALICIA NUEVA.

Many important guests – both domestic and foreign, where invited to attend this special evening. Among the guest were important people from sports and cultural sphere, local government and airforce companies, with whom SFUL cooperates.

About SFUL

SFUL – Slovak Ultra-light Flying Federation is a 20-year old organization that connects pilots, designers and builders aircraft with a wide range of background, from professional pilots to air enthusiasts. The Federation is one of the most numerous aeronautical associations in Slovakia and with more than 400 aircraft it forms a strong part of the airline community in the country with links to international aviation activities and associations.