11. 5. 2018

Aliter Technologies Presents the Company’s Newest Solutions, SILWA and VIMA

On May 10, 2018, Aliter Technologies, a.s. has presented to the public the company’s two unique solutions. SILWA, a "smart" solution of the 21st century for aerial surveillance and VIMA, an effective alternative to classic mechanical masts.

SILWA (Silent Watcher) – a 12 m long airship – allows silent, long-term aerial monitoring, tracking and reconnaissance, including safe movement over densely populated areas. In addition, it also provides a radio retransmission to increase the radio communications reach. SILWA can be used in various military and non-military situations, such as looking for lost, injured or suspected persons, monitoring traffic and crisis areas, cultural and sporting events, borders and forests, or exposing the centres of fires, etc. It has a powerful daytime and nighttime camera system and integrated state-of-the-art communications technologies that enable encrypted communication. “One of the unique features of SILWA is that it does not need to concern itself with gravity. Its weight is kept quietly in the air by helium, which is one of its main advantages over drones,” explains Peter Dostal, CEO of Aliter Technologies, a.s.

Since the co-operation with the sub-contractor of the airship technology carrier itself has been terminated, this carrier will be replaced by a new one from another manufacturer. The visual materials depict the original model. All the other technologies will remain unchanged.