Plan your trip with a useful app

Useful applications make trip planning easier. They will help you find and record your route or find the nearest playground.

Hiking Slovakia

The application allows you to search for tourist routes in online and offline mode and track logging.

Advantages: In addition to the marked hiking trails, the app also includes nearby attractions (eg castles, caves, landings, camping and more). Possibility to create your own offline maps for the indicated region (saving storage compared to applications that require downloading the entire country map). Possibility of track recording including history. There are also routes from neighboring countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, etc.)

Cons: Missing iOS support. The distance is measured by the airline and the estimated duration of the journey is missing.

Platform: Android

Price: Free

We also recommend using the website for route planning. You can use the Hikeplanner module to enter a planned route on the page, then the system will generate the estimated route time, including a graphical elevation view.


Applications allow you to plan your ideal route based on your chosen user condition and how you move or type your bike. When choosing a route, it takes into account the existing hiking or biking trails. The user can also choose what type of surface he prefer when moving.

Advantages: Detailed route planning along with estimated duration and customization of the type of bike selected. The first map of the region is free to download and is available online. In addition to mobile phones, it is also possible to download the application to some navigation.

Cons: Offline maps and voice navigation are only available for purchased regions.

Platform: Web, Android, iOS

Price: One region free, each additional region 3.99 EUR, Full map 29,99 EUR lifetime with updates.

Playground Buddy

The application shows the nearest courses in the area or selected location. Photos and attractions are available in addition to viewing the course on the map for some courses.

Advantages: Simple and comfortable user interface without registration. The app allows users to add images and metadata to individual playgrounds. Abroad it contains many playgrounds with detailed descriptions of attractions and photos.

Cons: In Slovakia, playgrounds are shown on the map but without photos and descriptions.

Platform: Android, iOS

Price: Free


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