19. 7. 2019

Make vacation planning easier with these mobile apps

It is time of summer holidays. However, we can easily feel stress or even traveling fever when planning a holiday. Sometimes we cannot navigate in a foreign country, we need to find a hotel or playground for children. Various applications can help with holiday troubles. Read about holiday apps, useful helpers that make it easier to travel.


The app helps to automate holiday preparation. Based on the chosen destination, date and preferred activities (swimming, hiking, cycling), the system generates a list of necessary things to pack. When creating a list, the system takes into account weather forecasts and user preferences. The list is a checklist that the user can also share.

Advantages: Simple and comfortable user interface. The list of things is organized neatly and extensibly with other specific items. Sharing makes it easy to organize in group events.

Disadvantages: The free version contains only 14 basic activities, you need to purchase a paid version to enter additional activities or create your own profiles.

Platform: Android, iOS

Price: Basic version free, premium (with additional features) for 3.19 Euro



With this app, you will have all the certificates, tickets and other travel documents available in one place. The app clearly shows you the information you need for your trip. It sends various alerts based on the information you enter (e.g., to not miss a departure). You can store important information about your passport or visa.

Advantages: All important information stored and categorized in one place. Share content among selected users. The application also includes a map of airports and individual terminals.

Disadvantages: Uploading documents to the application is not possible directly, but by sending it to the operator’s email address. Interesting features such as the current security check time are only available in the paid version.

Platform: Web, Android, iOS

Price: The basic version is free but it is also possible to buy a Pro version for $ 49


Sygic Travel

In addition to the well-known navigation, the Slovak company offers an application that allows you to create your own travel guide. In the app, you choose what you want to visit on the map and then add places to your daily schedule. There is a basic description of the place, or the admission price, or the estimated length of the visit at each location. The way of transport can be set between locations and the app calculates the estimated time of transport. In some cities it will also recommend a specific bus number and the nearest bus stop. This way you will gradually create your own holiday plan. If you are traveling together with friends, you can invite them and create a plan together.

Advantages: Possibility to create and organize a clear holiday plan. Sorting locations by distance and sequence. Sharing a plan among multiple users. Discover new points of interest recommended by others or add your own.

Cons: Offline maps and plan export to pdf or other format are only available in premium version.

Platform: Web, Android, iOS

Price: The basic version is free, Pro version is $ 3.99 a month or $ 14.99 a year.


Roomer Travel:

An app for those looking for a last-minute bargain offer or for travelers who for some reason cannot use their bookings. Roomer Travel is a platform where travelers offer bookings in hotels that would otherwise fail. The solution is beneficial for both the buyer and the seller. The buyer will find an accommodation offer on the portal that would otherwise be more expensive and the non-refundable fees will be partially refunded to the seller.

Advantages: Finding affordable accommodation. Getting accommodation costs that would otherwise have fallen.

Cons: It is necessary to adapt to the date and other parameters of the offered reservation. Not all accommodation providers can support this form of exchange. Adding a reservation for sale is only possible through a website.

Platform: Web, iOS, Android

Price: Free


Hiking Slovakia

The application allows you to search for tourist routes in online and offline mode and track logging.

Advantages: In addition to the marked hiking trails, the app also includes nearby attractions (eg castles, caves, landings, camping and more). Possibility to create your own offline maps for the indicated region (saving storage compared to applications that require downloading the entire country map). Possibility of track recording including history. There are also routes from neighboring countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, etc.)

Cons: Missing iOS support. The distance is measured by the airline and the estimated duration of the journey is missing.

Platform: Android

Price: Free

We also recommend using the website for route planning. You can use the Hikeplanner module to enter a planned route on the page, then the system will generate the estimated route time, including a graphical elevation view.



Applications allow you to plan your ideal route based on your chosen user condition and how you move or type your bike. When choosing a route, it takes into account the existing hiking or biking trails. The user can also choose what type of surface he prefer when moving.

Advantages: Detailed route planning along with estimated duration and customization of the type of bike selected. The first map of the region is free to download and is available online. In addition to mobile phones, it is also possible to download the application to some navigation.

Cons: Offline maps and voice navigation are only available for purchased regions.

Platform: Web, Android, iOS

Price: One region free, each additional region 3.99 EUR, Full map 29,99 EUR lifetime with updates.


Playground Buddy

The application shows the nearest courses in the area or selected location. Photos and attractions are available in addition to viewing the course on the map for some courses.

Advantages: Simple and comfortable user interface without registration. The app allows users to add images and metadata to individual playgrounds. Abroad it contains many playgrounds with detailed descriptions of attractions and photos.

Cons: In Slovakia, playgrounds are shown on the map but without photos and descriptions.

Platform: Android, iOS

Price: Free



Application for securing the phone or other mobile device in case of theft and its subsequent localization. The app has additional features like triggering a device alarm, blocking the device, or even masking the app’s icon behind the game. Also, the geographic zone setting function if the device leaves the area is also activated by an alarm.

Advantages: Simple management of mobile devices of various types. Useful features. The application is not well known, so an attacker may not detect and disable it after the device is stolen.

Disadvantages: User-friendly features, such as remote device deletion or device theft, are only available in the paid version.

Platform: Web, Android, iOS

Price: Free (tracking three devices) or $ 5 a month premium version.



This app will replace the tourist guide and provide a personalized guided tour of the interesting locations in the selected location. Commented recordings are linked to a map that guides you in the direction of the tour. Audio recordings can also be downloaded to the phone and listened to in offline mode.

Advantages: The application includes the number of audio recordings and the platform also allows you to add your own recordings, respectively. parades.

Disadvantages: Individual inspections may differ qualitatively. Some famous world metropolises are absent.

Platform: Web, Android, iOS

Price: Free


Google Translate

The known application compiler replaces the dictionary in the suitcase. Currently translates:

  • Online from 103 languages
  • Offline from 59 languages
  • Text translation captured by the camera from 38 languages
  • Two-way translation of the conversation from 32 languages

Advantages: Large verbal database, offline download of selected languages. Translation of text with photos is valuable in orientation in a foreign country.

Disadvantages: In the offline mode, only the translation is given by typing. Other forms of translation are only available online. A certain percentage of error has to be taken into account for translations.

Platform: Web, Android, iOS

Price: Free


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