To learn about cloud news in Prague

Experts from Aliter Technologies visited conference dedicated to cloud and artificial intelligence

At Microsoft Ignite The Tour in Prague (February 24th -25th) we had the opportunity to learn news about the newest cloud technology, to discuss with Microsoft experts and explore the benefit of new cloud tools in the field of security, AI and machine-learning for our company.

Interesting was the first cloud-native SIEM system offered by MSFT. It provides a holistic view of faster and smarter threat detection and incident response across the organization. It enables the integration of all assets and automates threat detection and response processes using pre-set commands based on years of security experience. All this with the benefits of a cloud solution such as scalability and elimination of the need for setup and maintenance.

Furthermore, it was interesting to see the MS Azure App Service, which allows you to build, run and scale Web applications on Windows and Linux using a platform that integrates all the necessary databases, whether SQL or NoSQL in Azure or your own data centre.



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