19. 12. 2015

A bright future for the defence system. This expert could possibly protect the Slovak border

The Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic plans to procure medium range 3D surveillance radars, according to the head of the resort Martin Glváč the last four suppliers stayed in the competition.

One of the hot candidates is BAE Systems. The British company has a long-year tradition and delivers technologies for the Royal Airforce and Navy as well.

Cooperation with the Slovaks

Aliter Technologies is a registered producer for NATO and its products have been deployed under difficult conditions in foreign missions, for instance in Afghanistan. Within the security and defence area Aliter Technologies is as well no longer a freshman. About the concrete product manufactured in Slovakia that will be included in every radar we talked to Ervin Haramia, manager at Aliter Technologies.

„The aim of our company is to supply this component for the transmission part of the radar antenna. The component itself, as we see it, will be manufactured in Slovakia. The body of the box is CNC machined of aluminium alloy, inside are modules with high requirements on production and technological processes as well as security rules,“ explained Ervín Haramia, Security & IA Manager.