7. 10. 2020

A unique system oversees the security of the Globsec conference

An international conference Globsec will take place in Bratislava today. In addition to the police, a unique monitoring system oversees the safety of hundreds of politicians, diplomats and presidents, which monitors and is able to warn about a potential drone, aircraft or chemical contamination.

Participants from all over the world will meet at one of the largest security conferences, Globsec, which takes place every year in Bratislava. This year’s event will take place under strict anti-epidemic measures, as all guests must prove themselves with a negative test for Covid-19. “In addition to anti-epidemic measures, it is necessary to monitor the conventional safety of guests. Potential threats will be overseen by a special system that can monitor potential threats from the air and the ground, and alert operators that monitor the system, either from the operations center or via a smartphone application, ”said Peter Dostál, CEO of Aliter Technologies.

In the case of airspace monitoring, attention is paid mainly to modern threats. “Our system allows us to monitor the surroundings of the conference, its goal is to detect and alert about possible attacks,” added Dostál. He adds, “Depending on the configuration, the system can detect drones and, if necessary, use adequate action to destroy them.”

It is no less important to monitor for possible chemical contamination, which is pointed out by special detectors. “These are devices that use a laser and can detect, identify and quantify hazardous chemical gases at a distance without physical contact, up to a distance of several kilometers,” says Peter Dostál. The system can also be supplemented with cameras that detect the detected area, or other sensors monitoring the selected perimeter, all wirelessly connected via COMTANET, which integrates used equipment into one interface and is used, for example, in military tactical command posts. In addition to security conferences, the solution can also be used at social events or sports matches, as well as in the monitoring and protection of objects of strategic importance.

Source: TASR

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